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Network Access Preferred Providers

Through its preferred network providers, Boeing Network Access Service provides a network access alternative to the Public Internet for accessing the Boeing Company. Boeing Network Access Service provides performance monitored electronic network access to the Boeing Security Perimeter for Boeing customers (includes airlines, suppliers and trading partners). Boeing customers can choose from various selected Network Access Service Preferred Providers (NASPP), to obtain the network connectivity that best meets their needs. Additional services, such as firewall and e-mail services, are also available from the NASPP. Once connected to the Boeing Security Perimeter, Boeing customers have access to the Boeing Secure Web Portal.

The benefits of using a NASPP are:

  • Lower Cost - The costs for both Boeing and the Boeing customer are reduced. The costs to Boeing are reduced because the number of connections is limited to the network providers. The costs to the customer are in many cases also reduced. An example of these savings is with dial services, local access charges from the NASPP are lower than the long distance charges that would be required for direct access to Boeing.
  • Higher Reliabilty - Redundancy exists with the network access model. Should a connection to a provider go down or the Security Perimeter at a specific location become disabled, the NASPP can route the traffic to the nearest Security Perimeter. See the Network Access Diagram.
  • Monitored Use - Each NASPP monitors the levels of data throughput and line utilization of their Boeing network access ensuring good connectivity to Boeing. However, customers are responsible for monitoring their own connections with these Preferred Providers.

The NASPP's selected by Boeing to offer Public or Private electronic network access to the Boeing Security Perimeter are: AT&T (public) Sprint (private) Sita (private) Qwest (public & private) WorldCom (public).

Contact your Boeing Customer Focal for more information on Network Access Preferred Providers.

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