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New User Steps to Success

If you are setting up new access to the Boeing Secure Web Portal, follow these steps to insure a successful user experience.

  1. Obtain accounts.
  2. Complete any necessary training.
  3. Obtain total number of users, including new users.
  4. Confirm total number of users does not exceed network capacity.
  5. Establish the network connection.
  6. Implement capacity recommendations.
  7. Is performance acceptable?
    • No - Contact a Boeing Preferred Network Provider.
    • Yes - Enjoy the Boeing Secure Web Portal service.

Additional considerations:

  • Estimate the total number of Boeing Secure Web Portal users.
  • Identify your existing network capacity.
  • Determine any additional bandwidth required to support the Boeing Secure Web Portal usage.
  • Review your forward proxy parameters for optimal settings.
  • Review your browser settings.

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