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Message to Employees

***This message is being sent from the Boeing Negotiations Team to all SPEEA-represented employees and their managers.***

September 25, 2012

Next steps in the process

In the three days after we launched our Pay & Benefits estimator on the Boeing negotiations website Sept. 20, more than 5,000 of you used that device to evaluate our Sept. 13 contract offer. In all, nearly 14,000 visited our website in that period.

Due to the numerous questions we've received about the next steps in the negotiations process, we want to continue providing information to you - the website will still be the primary vehicle for our communication. Based on your union's timeline, it is anticipated that votes on the proposed contract will be counted Oct. 1.

We look forward to finalizing an agreement with your negotiating team. We recognize that you have elected them to represent you in this process.

We know that you are receiving lots of communications from both Boeing and your union, which at times is conflicting and confusing. For that reason, between now and the vote results, we will update the negotiations website with new FAQs and information for you to look at as you choose. We also encourage you to continue to ask us questions if you are still unclear about anything - the website includes an "Ask a Question" link on the left side of the home page to ask negotiations-related questions.

Julie-Ellen Acosta, vice president, Human Resources, Commercial Airplanes
Conrad Ball, Functional Engineering director, Boeing Military Aircraft
Mark Burgess, chief engineer, Engineering, Operations & Technology
Mike Delaney, vice president, Engineering, Commercial Airplanes
Gene Woloshyn, vice president, Employee Relations, Boeing
Todd Zarfos, vice president, Engineering - Commercial Aviation Services, senior chief engineer of Support