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About this Site

In April, Boeing and the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) began formal negotiations to replace the current contracts. One SPEEA contract covers professional engineers in Puget Sound, Portland and Ogden, Utah; the other covers technical workers in Puget Sound and Portland. The two contracts are similar in many respects but not identical.

Joint problem solving is the key to reaching an agreement in the long-term best interests of employees and the company. Boeing intends to offer a package that continues to provide market-leading total compensation. It will enable the company to keep attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce while remaining economically competitive. We always want to be the workforce of choice for future airplanes and other challenging projects.

The contract will remain in effect until Nov. 25. On Nov. 25, the contract will terminate as a result of SPEEA filing a 60-day termination notice per Article 23 of the contract. No strike can take place until that date. There have been a number of occasions where this provision in our contract with SPEEA has provided a window to complete negotiations.

On this website, you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, fact sheets, a Pay & Benefits Estimator and a place for you to ask questions of the company. These are to help employees make informed decisions about the contract.