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Managers: Connecting with your team

Do's and Don'ts for Managers

As a manager, you have both the opportunity and the responsibility to engage employees about the Boeing business strategy and how employees' efforts to meet customer commitments, improve quality and safety and implement process improvements contribute to our success. We succeed or fail together - as one team.

Those discussions should also include important issues that arise during labor negotiations. Labor contracts are a big part of our business plan and have a significant impact on employees.

Do listen to what your employees have to say about the issues in negotiations.

Do answer employees' questions. If you don't know the answer, let employees know that you will get back to them. (Your local Human Resources Generalist can help you find the answers.)

Do talk to your employees about negotiations and explain the company's position on issues. This website can help you understand those positions.

Do help employees understand how their work and skills are linked to productivity and growth.

Do encourage employees to carefully consider the company's proposals. You can encourage employees to ratify a contract offer and explain why the offer should be ratified.

Do encourage employees to review this website so they understand the issues and the value of the company's final contract offer.

Do encourage employees to vote.

Don't ask employees how they plan to vote. If employees tell you how they plan to vote, that's fine, but you should not ask.

Don't question employees about their opinions on contract proposals or what they would like to see in the contract. If employees offer their opinions, that's fine, but you should not be the one to ask. Instead, provide information, listen to what your employees have to say and respond to their questions.

It's okay to talk about the company's views and make sure employees have the facts. We encourage managers to talk to their employees and be viewed as the accurate source of information about negotiations.