Leadership Message

Jim McNerney, chairman and chief executive officer, The Boeing Company, and Ursula English, vice president, Boeing Environment, Health and Safety


Every day, Boeing employees find new and innovative ways to serve our global customers, and they are also committed to responsible environmental leadership – both in our products and in how we manufacture, deliver and support them. As we look forward to our second century, we see continued business growth in markets we intend to lead. We are building a bigger and better Boeing across the breadth and depth of our businesses and our communities, and we are focused on helping build a better planet.

Last year, we expanded our modern and fuel-efficient family of commercial airplanes with the launch of the
787-10 and the new 777X — airplanes that will fly passengers farther, in more comfort and with significantly reduced emissions than the airplanes they replace. We are also investing in a cleaner future through our research into lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics, sustainable new fuel sources, and hybrid-, solar- and electric-powered aircraft (all delivering greater efficiency with reduced or no greenhouse gas emissions).

For example, our Phantom Eye liquid hydrogen–powered unmanned aircraft, which produces only water as a byproduct, earlier this year earned its experimental status — a major milestone in bringing this capability to market. In developing technology innovations that dramatically improve our products’ fuel efficiency, we have increased revenues and earnings by approximately 35 percent over the past four years and secured a backlog of customer orders valued at nearly half a trillion dollars.

And within the walls of our factories and offices, we continue to accelerate improvements in environmental performance. After achieving our first five-year set of absolute-reduction targets, we are committed to zero growth in water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous waste and solid waste to landfill — even as our business continues to grow.

Every day, as Boeing employees are exploring new ways to build a bigger, better Boeing, we are also striving to build a better planet — by improving the environmental performance of our company, our industry and our communities worldwide.

Jim McNerney
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
The Boeing Company

Ursula English
Vice President
Environment, Health & Safety