Our company’s environmental strategy and policies are guided by the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy Council, which is composed of Boeing’s Executive Council and is led by the chairman and chief executive officer. The Policy Council ensures that strategy and performance targets are set and monitored. Climate change issues and environmental performance targets and programs are reviewed within the context of Boeing’s business, product and process policies.

Reviews of the company’s environmental policies and strategies are conducted twice a year with the EHS Policy Council, in addition to other internal executive reviews conducted across the company on an ongoing basis. One council meeting is focused on target setting, aligned with corporate long-range business planning; the other meeting is focused on detailed planning and performance review.

Environmental initiatives are embedded into every organization and function within Boeing. The EHS organization works with our business units and operational leaders to drive an integrated, enterprisewide strategy that includes our products, services, processes and operations. The EHS organization also contains functions focused on workplace safety and health, environmental performance and regulatory compliance.

The continual improvement of the environmental performance of our products and operations is the result of this highly integrated and coordinated approach.