We continue to make progress with water-reduction efforts through alternative production methods, treatment technologies, water recycling solutions and employee awareness training on water management. In 2013, we cut our water use by 5 percent from the previous year, saving enough water to fill more than 140 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Reverse Osmosis

As a part of its recent tank line system update, the Boeing Portland facility included a water reuse component. The new system uses reverse osmosis as a high-pressure filtration system to take the existing wastewater* and then filter it to make it reusable. The recycled water is returned to the tank line, along with city water, and then is used again in most of the tank line’s processes. Previously, the water was disposed of down the sanitary sewer. Now, as much as 80 percent is reclaimed and, after more than a year in operation, more than a million gallons of water are recycled each month.

Environmental Performance to Target


Water Performance to target chart footnote:

  • In addition to data from Boeing's 39 Core Sites, water performance also includes data from Portland, Oregon (PDX Paint Hangars).
  • 1 U.S. gallon = approximately 3.79 liters.

Wastewater footnote:

  • Wastewater is the amount of water sent for treatment before discharge. Wastewater intensity is the ratio of pounds of wastewater per pound of production. Although wastewater intensity is not compiled for the total company, Boeing is dedicated to water conservation and reducing its overall water use.