Back to the Future

By Valerie Johnson

December 2015

In 1986, I hired into Boeing Support Services -- Material. I met my husband in this office and we were married in August 1988. We now have three beautiful children as a result.

My husband left Supplier Management in 1993 to work in the Government Affairs department and I left Boeing in 1997 to raise our children.

Fast-forward to 2012: I decided to come back to Boeing through a contracting agency and the very first interview they sent me to was with Shared Services Group -- Supplier Management (the office I had left 15 years prior). Many of my friends were still working in this office and it felt much like coming home to a family after a long absence. What's amazing is that my husband also came back to Supplier Management in 2010 -- so after 29 years, we have come full circle to the place where we began.

Today, with both of us working again in SSG Supplier Management, we are so extremely proud to literally have a "Boeing family." We feel blessed to have had the opportunity of a lifetime -- working for a company that we are proud to be a part of and knowing that without this company, our family would not even be here!

Thank you, Boeing, for everything you have done for our family!