737: My Favorite Airplane

By Mark McGinn

July 2015

I travel a lot for my job. I am on an airplane usually three weeks out of the month. Initially, my travel was confined to the West Coast, but within the past 18 months, it has been transcontinental.

I get to fly on many different types of airplanes. By far, my favorite is the Boeing 737. Most people I tell this to react by saying, "What's the difference." I tell them plenty.

First, the 737 feels safe. It does not rattle and shake during takeoff and landing. As a passenger sitting in the back, you know this is a quality aircraft.

Second, there are no strange noises that make passengers nervous. I've been on other airplanes that during the engine starting procedure make a horrendous noise like a pneumatic impact wrench. On a few occasions, that noise has remained during the entire flight! I have never heard that (or much of anything else) on a 737.

Finally, I had the pleasure of taking the inaugural flight aboard a brand-new 737-800. The LED lighting, touch-screen crew controls and overhead storage spaces were all very modern. One of the flight attendants was so excited, they treated the passengers to a song (guess which airline)!

As a savvy traveler, I tend to pick airlines that I know will fly the 737. People think I am peculiar about this, but I know the difference and I can tell the additional attention to engineering, manufacturing and design of the 737 -- and it is always worth it.