Dream of a Lifetime

By Joseph Parker

July 2015

After separating from the military in 1995, I returned home to Charleston, S.C., where for the past 16 years I searched for the perfect job. Finally I got the opportunity to apply for a company called Boeing and was given the chance to pursue the dream of a lifetime. I was finally able to work on airplanes again.

In March of 2011, I began my career with, in my mind, the best aviation company ever. I have strived to keep all of the Boeing values, even throughout trying times and tribulations. I have been fortunate enough to have been in on the ground level of making history in North Charleston by launching Line 46 to India.

Of the past four years, I have been a lead for almost three and will continue to bring my experiences to the team and the company.

The company has a lot of history in this country, and I believe that with the talent we get daily, we will continue to make history.