Dream Takeoff

By Richa Gupta

November 2015

My love for aviation began at a very young age, before I had ever boarded an airplane.

My first flight was on a Boeing 747 Lufthansa Airlines international flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt, continuing on to Boston (my family's move to America). My family eventually ended up in St. Louis, and as a teenager I spent hours reading and writing about aviation, following NASA's space missions closely, and attending the Spirit of St. Louis air shows.

I feel fortunate to be working for a company and industry I am passionate about. I truly believe we have some of the most exciting jobs. There is no better feeling than walking around our factories and seeing our airplanes and satellites being built -- and just to think about how many clouds and lives they will touch!

My Boeing story has just begun, as I have only been at the company for two years. However, being a part of the company's centennial makes me excited to be here, to have such a rewarding opportunity of helping build the foundation for the next century.

Thank you for an exciting start to my career, Boeing, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my story in the future.