The Sum of Our Experience

By Theodore (Ted) Rogers

November 2015

In 1949, my father started working at The Boeing Company the same year that I, Theodore Ted E. Rogers, was born. My grandfather was also working at Boeing.

While I was growing up, my dad worked in Moses Lake, Wash., and then in Seattle on the flight line. My dad saw several firsts at Boeing, working on every plane from the B-47 to the first 747. He also spent many years working on the Minuteman missiles all over the United States.

I started at Boeing in 1967, working there until 1970. I came back to the company in 1979 and stayed until I retired, in 2009. I worked at Auburn, Seattle (Plant 2), Renton and Frederickson, mostly in industrial engineering, quality improvement and management.

My sister also worked for the company, for 30 years. So my family has been a Boeing family all of my life. It is all I have ever known. In total, my family has over 100 years at Boeing. We thank you for a great career and retirement.