Sky's the Limit

By Alvin Miller

October 2015

What an amazing company -- and an even more amazing, and rewarding, personal journey for me.

Boeing has offered me the gift and ability to work on so many projects, teams and activities in a career that has spanned 38 years, a significant portion of the company's journey to 100 years.

Congratulations, Boeing -- well done!

What other company in the world offers the ability to have so many different opportunities to make a difference and still have the same company paycheck? For me, 14 different assignments! Final Assembly mechanic (707 tanker and 737), AOG (Airplane On Ground) mechanic, Marine systems (yes, we had boats) mechanic ... manufacturing engineer, safety inspector, Logistical Spares for B-52 ...

Along the way one thing has remained constant: I work with amazing people who always "find a way" to get the job done.