Touching the Clouds

By Andrey Paiva

October 2015

The first time I had ever been on a plane was on a Boeing plane. I was so excited about my first trip, and my thoughts were: I can touch the clouds ... how fast will the wind be ...

My life changed forever. I climbed the stairs through the front door and saw the front galley for the first time. It was a VARIG 737-200, with the iconic Icarus livery: April 1, 1989, bound to SBSN (Santarém–Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport), night flight.

I could not help but watch everything near me, even the classic shades with the 737 logo on them and the white navigation light by the wingtip. ... I loved the way the doors opened, and besides feeling happy, my life was now changed: I wanted to be an airline pilot to fly the 737.

I was only 6 years old that day. Now, I am studying mechanical engineering, taking a master's degree course in an aviation area (fluids).

The 737 is like a part of me. Although I flew on other Boeing aircraft, like the 767 (-200 and -300) and 737-300, the -200 will always have a special place in my heart -- to always remember the day Boeing led me to the career path I really would like to take.