Born to Fly

By Nicolas Kersting

September 2015

I actually don't remember my first flight, but my parents told me the story over and over -- making me remember it.

It was 1994 and after being born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, I went on my first flight. It was a Vasp flight from Brasília to Sao Paulo and then over Salvador to Germany, just five months after I landed on this planet.

Due to my father's job we had business-class tickets and I got to travel in this fancy baby-bed that was hung on the wall on the first seats in the plane. This was a Boeing 767-200 used by Vasp in those days, and I guess this early live event made me the airplane and flying enthusiast I am today -- and made me love Boeing planes very much.

I'm thankful to have lived for some years in South America, where my relationship with Boeing grew special and where I had the possibilities to fly on legendary Boeing airplanes like the 727. Thank you, Boeing.