Lasting Values

By Warren Smith

September 2015

It was February 1966 when I ran away from a large famous aircraft company that had just announced it would not build any more airplanes in the foreseeable future. I had been there 14 years. The company no longer exists.

I was hired by Douglas within two weeks and spent the next 22 years working in one of the greatest product support divisions in the world. I learned many lasting values there. I can't think of a day when I wasn't eager to report to work like it was a playground.

After a couple of years we merged with McDonnell Aircraft and I consoled fellow employees and told them that they should be glad, as my previous company merged with a submarine builder, took a dive and never came back up.

The ensuing years went by in a flash -- I worked in the Philippines and Germany, plus four U.S. states, and met many wonderful people. At my retirement ceremony in 1988, I stated what great fun it was to work there and I was sorry I didn't go there in the first place.