'Boeing City,' Land of Opportunity

By Paul Wehrle

April 2016

After almost 37 years with The Boeing Company, I can still say this is a great place to work. Joining right after high school, I had few skills to offer other than some mechanical aptitude. They sent me to school for a few weeks at Green River Community College, where I learned some basic fabrication skills. After pre-employment school, it was off to the Renton, Wash., facility to work as a Bluestreak bench mechanic on second shift.

Along the way, Boeing paid for my business degree and made it possible for me to purchase a home and raise a family.

Because of my experiences, I am always quick to promote Boeing to young people looking to break into the workforce. The sky's the limit at Boeing. It's like a little city with all kinds of different jobs and opportunities. My story is not unique, and that's one reason that Boeing is a great place to work.