C-135 Stratolifter: Still My Favorite

By Charles Hornaday

April 2016

I am a proud former U.S. Air Force Aircraft Environmental Control System technician. I started out my career on all variants of the C-135 and the B-52 G/H aircraft and ended my career working on the KC-10 Extender.

For me, the C-135 aircraft (all versions) is the best aircraft ever flown. It was made to last 50-plus years -- and many more, I hope. Many of them have gone to the boneyard, and it is a sad part of life but still does my heart good to see the current versions still in the air.

My favorite aircraft was RC-135S 61-2664, which I worked on when I was stationed in Alaska. Although it was lost in 1981, it is still my favorite 135.

Thank you, Boeing, for designing and building such a great airplane.

Me and my RC 61-2664 in 1980.

Charles Hornaday