Enduring Fascination

By Jon Weisberg

April 2016

My first experience with Boeing began years before I even became an employee of Boeing. As a kid, I have always had a fascination with airplanes, specifically the Boeing 747. How such a large aircraft could lift off and carry over 400 passengers across the ocean. The fact that you could leave Chicago at night and be in London eight hours later was very fascinating.

It was not until college that I had the opportunity to fly on the 747-400 on Qantas from Los Angeles to Sydney. This was one of the most exciting flights I have ever been on.

Since this initial flight on the 747, I have flown on the 747 a handful of other times. I have recently flown on the 787 Dreamliner to Europe and very much enjoyed the experience. However, the Boeing 747 will always be my favorite aircraft to fly in.