Riveting Start to a Rewarding Career

By Robert Reichel

April 2016

I began my 40-year career at Boeing bucking rivets on the Model 314 (also known as the Clipper) and progressed to flight-line electrician on the 307 Stratoliner, B-52, Brass Ring B-47 (early drone) and 367-80.

I moved into management at Renton, Wash., on the KC-135, 707, 727 and 737. There I was assigned to work as a special factory-floor troubleshooter. This covered many special aspects of solving production problems. I wrote engineering documents on wire notes for the 707, 727 and 737. I participated in writing documents for the Supersonic Transport. I was assigned to represent Manufacturing on the Offset Committee. I worked with senior management setting up Policy at Vertol. I was assigned as team manager for 757 support at HDH and Government Aircraft in Australia.

I thoroughly enjoyed my years at Boeing, especially working with senior management, who treated me most respectfully.