A 707 Memory, in All Its Many Parts

By Gregory McInnis

August 2016

My first flight on a Boeing-built Pan Am 707 was from Miami International Airport to Guatemala City in the 1970s. I loved flying on them. Every year, Dad would take our family on Boeing airplanes on a trip to far and exotic places where Pan American World Airways had hotels and guides who would drive us around the beautiful country we stayed in and explored.

I was lucky to grow up around Pan Am's Boeing airplane fleet in Miami, New York, California. In the '80s, Dad bought a 707 to part out for our aircraft-on-ground service. Back then we had to look up part numbers on our IPC and drawings to identify the parts and components of the Boeing 707 that we had taken apart. A few of the millions of aircraft parts on these planes would get a second life. If there was a great enough need for the part, we would have one overhauled to manufacturer specifications.

Anyway, I love Boeing aircraft. I loved flying on the Boeing 747SP around the would in the 1970s, '80s and '90s.