Hours of Flying Fun

By Andre Hermawan

August 2016

Graduating from the Lycomings [a brand of engines] with 200 or so flying hours, I was lucky enough to fly the "Jurassic" 737-200s. They're very unique, with ample performance available under the wings, but very easy to fly. I was so comfortable flying them, I'm able to call where the main gears would touch on the runway. This airplane defines the "Boeing" way to fly. I really had 2,000 hours of fun flying them.

After that, I had another 2,000 hours flying planes from the other side of the pond. Everything was the opposite. I needed not less than three months to learn how to land the airplane, and that flicking the landing lights switch forward is to turn them off!

I'm lucky to get the opportunity to fly the 777 now. First time at the controls and landing the airplane, it felt like home. It's amazing how Boeing manages to build different airplanes from different eras, with such welcoming similarities. The difference between the two is mainly the warm cappuccino-colored cockpit and 310 tons maximum takeoff weight on the 777s.

Flying all types of 777, from the straight -300s to brand-new 300ERs, and now eagerly waiting for the -X, I'm happy to have called Boeing "home."