Rising to the Challenge

By Carl Larsen

August 2016

After two internships in insurance and logistics, I was struggling to find a company that I wanted to work for full time upon my graduation from college -- a company that created a product or service that had a profound impact on people's lives across the globe. Toward the end of my junior year in college, I found out about a tremendous opportunity called the Business Career Foundation Program, a two-year rotation program at Boeing designed to provide recent college graduates the opportunity to experience six challenging assignments across the company.

Shortly afterward, while studying abroad in Africa, I was about to fly from Nairobi, Kenya, to Accra, Ghana, and realized that I was sitting on a Boeing plane. That moment really got me excited to interview with a company that connected people across the globe.

Soon after that, I flew from Chicago to Seattle to interview for a spot in the Boeing program. I remember walking into the 737 factory for the first time and being absolutely amazed at the complexity, scale and precision of the production system. I felt strongly that this was the company that I wanted to work for: a company guided by a passion for creating great products that connect, protect, explore and inspire.

I have spent the past two years in some truly challenging assignments. I have worked for four different business units and am continually amazed at the variety of experiences and opportunities available at Boeing. I am proud to be a Boeing employee and deeply convinced that what we do matters. This has been true for the past 100 years and I am confident that this will be true for the next 100 years.