Underground Witness

By Pell Blakeman

August 2016

I lived and worked in Everett from 1990 to 1996. I worked for an underground utility contractor that did work at Boeing facilities all over the Northwest. Being an aviation fan, I enjoyed every job I did at Boeing. From Marysville down to Auburn, I guess I visited most all the production facilities.

But the one job I remember most was the day I worked at the Everett plant and did a "hot tap" on the fire-suppression water main for the 747 building. The reason I remember this is because the tap I did was to supply water to the fire-suppression system for the not-yet-built 777 expansion building.

So I was able to witness the rollout of a new aircraft from the ground up. Literally. From below ground, actually. I know my pride does not compare to yours and the thousands of Boeing folks who made that bird fly, but every time I see a triple 7 I say to myself, I helped build that.