Big Seven-O-Seven Set to Go

By Martin Covais

December 2016

I am an aviation enthusiast who immediately fell in love with the sleek, beautiful, smoky and noisy Boeing 707. This was not in the early '60s ....this was in 1980!!! I did not really know that much about airplanes, but I did love to watch and photograph them at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport! Little did I know, the beautifully proportioned, sleek, streamlined airliner was near the end of its passenger flying career.

Then in 1983 by sheer accident, I overheard on the radio that TWA was going to make history by flying the last scheduled passenger 707 flight from JFK to Miami International Airport on October 30. I was able to get tickets for the sole purpose of participating in this historic event. The ramp crews of TWA were so gracious, and they gave us full ramp access to photograph and hang out with the pilots and crew. We all autographed the fuselage, and I myself drew an iconic 707 tail next to the door. It's a moment I will never forget.

N18710 I love you!

Martin Covais bids farewell to the 707.

Martin Covais