Innovating Till the Cows Come Home

By David Marchington

December 2016

Thank you, Boeing!

This was my first job, age 19 off our cattle farm, at Boeing Canada's Vertol division, Arnprior, Ontario.

James Sawyer, production manager and later to become president of Boeing Canada, hired my friend Mark and me to work in the machine shop in January 1978. The Everett, Wash., facility was expanding to accommodate the production of the new 767, and we helped by making components for it and sometimes for the Chinook helicopters used for search and rescue.

After about one year, I applied for an aircraft mechanic opening but was told I got second place. I finished two years of a machinist apprenticeship at Boeing, and this experience would help me with my next two jobs. My third job has been with the National Research Council of Canada, a successful 35-plus years, where I was credited for my Boeing experience and continue with design and fabrication of experimental devices.

100 years of Boeing.

100 years of National Research Council.

Wishing Boeing continued success!