Not Just a Catchy Slogan

By Linda Yao

December 2016

One year into my Boeing career, I had the good fortune to fly on one of ANA's first 787s. When I stepped into the jet, a flight attendant immediately noticed my Boeing T-shirt.

"Thank you for this plane," she told me with a bow.

The simple gratitude caught me off-guard, but the rest of the trip was filled with testimonials from her fellow attendants about the 787's humidity, climate and noise control, and how it has saved their eyes, ears, noses and throats, and saved their hands years of aging and loads of moisturizer.

This was the moment I realized it's not just a catchy slogan: We are truly Building Something Better, and the details matter. I knew then I wanted to take my Boeing career in a direction that would get me closer to our products and planes.

Boeing T-shirts are always my travel wear of choice.

Linda Yao