Olympic-Size Dreams

By Natalia Yegorova

December 2016

My story will be very general and very simple, but when you are 100, it's a great time to share with somebody your feelings and emotions though they are not a surprise or fun!

My first flight happened four months prior to my birth, and my mom was sure I will fly much in my life! She then saw me as a stewardess speaking a foreign language.

I never had any fear of airplanes and always preferred airplanes to trains, and though I was excellent at math and physics at school, no one ever saw an engineer in me. I was always very sporty and romantic by nature and preferred foreign languages to math. I didn't think about a career in the aerospace industry but always admired something you could hardly imagine how to make.

In summer 1995 I was 12, and the first time I saw the mirror building in the center of Moscow where Boeing was already located, I thought, "It would be great if I get a job here one day..." In nine years I came back here for an interview!

I was a postgraduate when I happened to get a summer job at Boeing, and I've stayed here for already a while. I got three postgraduate degrees here, married and bore three great kids. I realized my very old dream to go to the Olympics as a Boeing volunteer!

I enjoy every day I work here and I know my kids are proud I work for the aerospace industry, though they are aware I am not an engineer.

Each time we have a local Family Day, they come to watch and listen to the stories of success and hard work lots of people do every day to make our life more interesting, comfortable and so that we could safely reach any destination in the world.

It's cool to feel this engagement and share positive emotions with all your friends and family members!

Me at Sochi Olympics 2014, where Boeing sent a team of volunteers.

Polina Gribkova