On Donner, On Blitzen, On 747

By Justin Bilek

December 2016

My love for the Boeing 747 started in 2005 when I first began working in the air cargo industry. I supported the Evergreen International Airlines 747-100/200/400 fleet via parts and ramp maintenance.

Over the course of my seven-year career there, my respect and appreciation for the airframe grew immensely. While I have many fond memories to recall, supporting UPS's annual Christmas peak season was certainly the most impressive. Our 747s, along with UPS and other companies, flew countless gifts around the clock right into Christmas Eve. Anxiously waiting customers were not disappointed since the fleet never faltered. Based on this yearly experience, I can confidently say the Boeing 747 truly is the greatest workhorse in the aviation industry!

Evergreen International Airlines N488EV and N481EV supporting UPS at Philadelphia International Airport.

Justin Bilek