Single Mom, Singular Opportunity

By Tricia Baumgartner

December 2016

I started with Boeing a little over nine years ago at Jeppesen. Being a single mother, I was looking for a job that could provide a good quality of life for my son and myself. At the time, I was going through a hard time and all I wanted was a job that paid. Little did I know that "that job" turned out to be a lifesaver and a HUGE opportunity for a career.

I started out as an administrative assistant, thanks to two wonderful directors at Jeppesen. After four years supporting them, I was offered another great opportunity to move into HR. Again fortunate for such a great leader. And, wouldn't you know it, another four terrific years went by, and I am now working for Boeing Defense, Space & Security in New Orleans, where we are taking the USA and the world to Mars!

So, not only has Boeing provided me a comfortable life in which to raise my son, who by the way is now in his fourth year of college, but I also have an exciting career working for a very passionate family in the aviation and aerospace industry. I LOVE Boeing and am thankful to them every day!

Thankful happiness: My son and me.

Anne Barhyte, Photographer of Life