A World of Possibilities

By Chantha Khem

December 2016

I heard the word "Boeing" when I arrived in the United States in 2007. I have never known this word before. I was born in the far south countryside of Cambodia, called Takeo province. When I was young, once in a while I heard the plane flying across my neighborhood. At that time, I always looked up into the sky to find out where the plane was. But it was hard to see it because it flew really high.

I remember the elders in the village told us that when we heard the plane, we had to look further away in front of it in order to see it. It's so true.

I have never thought I had the chance to be on an airplane flying across the ocean from one side to the other of the world. But nothing is impossible. Now I not only have a chance to take an airplane around the world, but also be part of the most wonderful and strongest teams making the best and most reliable airplanes in the world.

To tell the truth, I am so proud of myself to be an employee of The Boeing Company.

Thank you so much, Boeing, for letting me be part of your everything.