No Fear of Flying

By Tariq Mehmood shah

February 2016

I work for a big French organization. My job takes me to places around the world. Since 2010, my traveling has increased manyfold, whether it's domestic or international. I always had a fear of flying, but since I have started traveling on Boeing, especially the 777 family, my fear has vanished. I feel great, I feel happy traveling on these large planes full of comfort. When I leave home, I leave with a strong hope that the technology I am going to travel with will bring me back home safely so that I shall be able to see my loved ones again.

The first time I traveled to the U.S., it was a long journey from Doha to Washington, D.C. -- more than 14 hours in flight. But I was so sure that I would land safely. This marvelous 777 made my journey safe.

Thank you, Boeing, and all those who work there for helping me overcome my fear and making me more confident.