Trekking to the Future

By Ram Avtar

February 2016

I often visit Boeing's website to see the innovation section. When I visited this site for the first time, I was delighted to know that the aviation industry has crossed such a long journey.

After going through its innovation section, I came to remember a design of an aircraft that I made in my high school, when we were learning about the flight of an aircraft.

I found that design in an old cupboard stored very safely by me many years ago. I don't know exactly if the design is practically possible or not. But when I saw that design after so many years, being a techno-financial expert, I thought one thing -- that if this design succeeds, it will change the whole aviation industry.

I don't know whether the design will ever come to reality or not, but when I see Boeing's new designs one after another, in commercial and space, I am sure we are not far from the Star Trek age.