Bigger and More Profound

By John Camara

January 2016

Boeing was the "big picture" employer that I needed in order to be fulfilled in my everyday endeavors at work. Allow me to explain. I served 24 years in the U.S. Submarine Service from the tail end of Vietnam through the Cold War. Having devoted a lifetime to this greatest of countries, I could not have a "normal" job. I needed something bigger, something profound. Boeing was that "something profound."

Because of Boeing, I've been able to work on R&D for the Space Shuttle program; help convert a 737 to an Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft for the Australians (Wedgetail); launch satellites into orbit from ships for Sea Launch; help overhaul a sea-based radar ship that is part of the "Star Wars" missile defense shield; and now help to bring to life Space Launch System -- the rocket that will take us to other planets in the solar system and begin the exploration of the "final frontier."

Whatever my contributions, I'm grateful to Boeing for allowing me to help paint the big picture.