In for the Long Haul

By Colette Posse

January 2016

I've been around airplanes all my life -- my mom was a Pan Am flight attendant, and my dad was a 707 aircraft mechanic for Aerolineas Argentinas. With my family history, as well as my love for math and physics, it's no surprise I ended up becoming a Boeing engineer.

I've been working for Boeing full time for three years now, and I can't imagine working on a more amazing set of products! My opportunities here have been incredible: From a project that turned into a patent submission, to a six-week assignment at Heathrow Airport supporting British Airways, to flight tests -- I truly believe I have a dream job.

I hope to continue my career here for the long haul, and to make meaningful technical contributions as well as pave the way for others to do the same.

Top: In 1991, here I am at age 1, meeting the pilots on board a 727, on the last Pan Am shuttle flight from New York to Boston. Bottom: In 2014, at Heathrow Airport at age 24, in the flight deck of a brand-new 787 just delivered to British Airways.

Top: Flavio Posse (my dad); Bottom: Lance Kuhn