Safe Travels

By Paul White

January 2016

I am a retired airline employee, with over 43 years of aviation experience, and come from an airline family. As a child I remember flying on an American Airlines B707 from Love Field to the East Coast to visit grandparents every year. My father was a professional flight engineer with the airline and I have been on every airplane it has ever flown. I must say I recently flew the 787-8 -- and what a bird.

I am proud to be able to travel knowing that when I am on a Boeing plane, it is the safest plane in the world. I will be looking forward to flying all over the world now that I am retired. It is funny, most of my family are pilots except me, but I recently got my private pilot's license and now wish I would have become a professional airline pilot.

Keep up the great work you're doing and continue to make the best planes in the world -- and success forever.

Thank you for keeping me safe at 39,000 feet every time I fly.