Sky Is the Limit

By John Gaines

January 2016

I am a former collegiate athlete, an NCAA champion in football, and an at-risk orphaned kid turned youth advocate and Boeing employee.

Through Boeing, I have learned how to share my story and inspire people with it. I have been able to speak numerous times at Boeing, universities, nonprofit organizations ... Boeing has allowed me to work with groups of parents, educators, coaches and mental health professionals and speak to and inspire thousands of youth!

My ultimate goal is to continue to help as many young people as possible -- to help them realize that regardless of the adversity or obstacles they may face, they can still push to be the great human they were created to be. As a young male from a crime- and drug-heavy environment, I never imagined I would be able to work for such a great company. I want to help others realize that the sky is the limit and they are not defined by their circumstances but rather by how they respond to the adversity they face.

I graduated from East Central University where I was an outstanding student in business and won a football championship as captain of the football team! In addition, I graduated from Liberty University with a master's degree in business leadership and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration. I am truly living my dream and helping others find their purpose. I believe it as truth that none of this would be possible without Boeing helping shape and develop me into the person I am today. Thank you, Boeing -- I am ready for the next hundred years!

Speaking about my Boeing experiences at the East Central University School of Business.

Courtesy of John Gaines