Word of the Day

By Brian Keller

January 2016

I will never forget my first time in the Everett, Wash., factory, as a bright-eyed intern. My new lead, David, 787 Stress Liaison, walked me out to look at what I would be working on that summer.

We entered the 40-26 building and my jaw just dropped. The sheer size of the hangars, and all the 787 aft bodies from North Charleston, S.C., that were ready to go into assembly, simply took my breath away.

We walked 100 feet and he asked, "What is that called?"

I said, "You mean that light there?"

He responded, "Yeah, what is it called?"

I didn't know.

"That's a strakelet. You just learned something today," he answered smugly.

And, frankly, not a day goes by that I don't learn something at The Boeing Company.

The strakelet lies between the fuselage and wings where landing lights go.