Defend, Protect, Inspire

By Jessica Lillian Dedeaux

July 2016

During my summer internship at Mesa, Ariz., working with Apache helicopters, I have not only evolved as an aspiring engineer but I have grown as an American citizen. The price that our armed forces pay for our freedom cannot be defined by who wins the war. It is defined by the pride and the sacrifice displayed by our soldiers every day. From the uniform on their back to the cockpit of the Apache, the soldiers must be in an environment where they feel protected and productive.

In Mesa, the atmosphere is not focused on what the Apache can do for Mesa, but on what it can do to make sure we bring the air and ground troops back home. Every day this summer, I have come to work excited to be a part of a unit that physically supports our troops. The actions that I make as an intern matter because I have a hand in the final product. What I do on my team helps defend our country, protect our troops, and inspire a nation.

The fact of the matter is that we must perform at the highest ability in order to protect our nation; moreover, we must work together to defend freedom. What we do at The Boeing Company is the definition of dedication to our troops because promises that are made will be promises that are kept!

To sit in the seat of the greatest helicopter in the world is absolutely astonishing.

Jeff Veselovsky