Engineering Marvels

By Ashok Pandya

July 2016

Boeing will always be a part of me and who I am.

I arrived in the United States in 1971 for a better life, thanks to my parents. The one gift they didn't realize was how they got me here: We flew a Pan Am Mayflower Clipper Class Boeing 747SP-21. I will never lose sight and feel of that moment. It has inspired me to become a pilot and become an innovator.

My boys are better for it, as they, too, share the excitement, engineering and passion built into these aircraft, particularly the Queen of the Skies -- Boeing 747. Long live this majestic engineering marvel and the joy that brings me and my family happiness.

Boeing connected the world and now excites us every day with different sights and senses. Thank you, Boeing family -- from mine to yours, always.

My 12-year-old executes an approach in a 737 simulator.

Courtesy of Ashok Pandya