Magnetic Attraction

By Gabor Blaho

July 2016

I never wanted to be an aircraft engineer, but by chance I ended up becoming one. I was raised on the 737-200 and Classic series -- after that, the NG, then went on to other manufacturers' types. I always enjoyed maintaining Boeings as they are very well thought out and extremely reliable.

Then in 2014 I came in contact with the 787 Dreamliner. This aircraft changed me -- I have never in my life been fascinated by an object this much. I was stunned, my jaw on the floor. The majesty of its appearance had an immediate effect on me; it dragged me like a magnet. Then, sitting on the flight deck, I felt like a kid in the amusement park. I was overwhelmed by the technology involved. I was eager to know more about it.

This plane has become an addiction for me -- I am in love with it. I went and took the type training for it, and since then I am working on these beautiful beasts, and every day I go to work with a huge smile and with excitement that I get to play with my favorite object in the world.

This aircraft changed the way I think about airplanes and shattered my image of airplanes I had built in my mind. It showed me how the world is ever changing for the better, ever evolving and that the future of aviation is bright and the future of aviation is Boeing.

This year I have received an offer from the factory to become a member of the field services team. It is like a dream come true. It would be unreal for me as a young engineer to become part of the actual story of Boeing and live the future in it as it's being written by the true pioneers of aircraft manufacturing.

Living my dream, the 787.

Gabor Blaho