Partners in Pride

By Megan Janish

July 2016

I grew up just down the street from Boeing in Hazelwood, Mo. Almost every week during high school I could see and hear Boeing aircraft flying overhead. The sense of pride I felt every time I watched a new aircraft take off has never waned.

I started my career at Boeing just after college; my husband and I were both offered positions within a few months of each other and we both jumped head first. I still smile when I see my husband tell people "we work at Boeing." You can literally see the excitement and the pride in his face when he talks about what we do, and I can say I feel the same way. Every morning while we are getting ready for work we talk about what we are working on, we share ideas, and discuss ways to better our company and ourselves.

Over my tenure so far, I have been able to do things I had never dreamed of: flying in a Chinook and a V-22 over the Palm Islands in Dubai with a customer, sitting in the cockpit of an EA-18G, attending numerous air shows with my kids, sitting in customer meetings and negotiations, and finding amazing friends and co-workers along the way.

I could not be more excited to be a part of Boeing's centennial, and I hope to instill the love for our company and what we do into our children. What our company does is nothing short of amazing, and I could not be more proud to call this my home.

Here I am in 2014 on a tour of the Boeing St. Louis facilities.

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