Unleashing Our Full Potential

By Bruce Buckley

July 2016

When it comes to adversity one thing is certain: We will all face difficulty and challenge in life. As the leader of my family and father of a disabled child with an unparalleled love for sports, perhaps the most valuable lesson I have learned for both life and business is this: Adversity isn't necessarily a problem that we have to elude or escape in order to be successful.

Great things happen when we strive to meet our challenges head-on and truly embrace them. Concepts of "normalcy" are redefined and become less about trying to achieve status quo and more about exploring and expanding a greater potential within ourselves and our teams. Faced with challenge, we are stretched to build upon our strengths, leverage diversity and work together to think outside the box and achieve bold new ideas and unparalleled advancements.

It is this same spirit of innovation and commitment to unleashing the full potential of our people that has helped Boeing to achieve such great success in the first 100 years, and will certainly be the cornerstone to our victory as the aerospace leader in the century ahead.

Leading the pack: Father-son triathlon in Lacey, Wash., 2013.

Alta Chalias