All in the Family

By Gordon Nash

June 2016

Boeing has been very good for my family. Three generations of us have worked for Boeing.

My father, Rowland, was 19 when he started working for Boeing in 1941. He supported my mom and us five children until he retired in 1983. He worked for Boeing for 41 years. He worked on the B-17, B-29, 707, 727, 737 and the Hydrofoil. He was a tooling supervisor when he retired.

I started working for Boeing in 1977 at Plant 2, for the Auburn division, making parts for the 727. I then worked as an inspector on the 747, 737, 777 and 787 and am now a lead inspector for the Interiors Responsibility Center. Working for Boeing has allowed me to support my family.

My son, Ben, started working for Boeing in 2006, first as a mechanic on the 777 and now as an inspector for the 777.

So on this centennial year for Boeing, we also will be celebrating 30 years of service for myself, and my son will have 10 years of service.

I have no doubt that Boeing will still be building the best airplanes in the world for another 100 years.

The Nash family (from left): Rowland, Gordon and Ben.

Gordon Nash