Destiny Fulfilled

By Martin Restrepo

June 2016

Like many people who work at The Boeing Company, I am a proud aviation geek. I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I come from a family of aviators and developed a passion for airplanes at a very young age. I remember going on the weekends to the local airport with my father to watch airplanes take off and land. While other kids spent their free time playing video games or watching TV, I spent my free time designing aircraft from scratch. I designed hypothetical route networks, fleets, liveries and alliances. For my 12th birthday, my father and I traveled to Seattle to visit the Boeing factory in Everett. I instantly fell in love with the company and set myself a very specific goal: One day I was going to work for Boeing.

With that goal in mind, I completed my engineering undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. In my sophomore year, I applied for an internship at Boeing and was accepted to the NW Business Intern Program. My first round of Boeing interviews is a story by itself. Just minutes before the interviews started, I accidentally burned the cornea of my right eye. Even though I was in a lot of pain and my eye looked like it was going to fall off, I decided to go forward with the interviews, covering the damaged eye with one hand the entire time. I had literally waited for many years for these interviews and wasn't going to let anything stand in my way. I interned with the company for three summers in various sites across the Puget Sound region. In March 2016, I joined the company full time as a member of the Business Career Foundation Program.

We are all truly privileged to be members of the Boeing family. I feel proud of our legacy, humbled by the trust and tasks bestowed upon me, and excited about contributing to the growth of this extraordinary company.

Back in the day, left, and now as a Boeing employee.

Courtesy of Martin Restrepo