A Fluid Partnership

By Sergio von Borries

June 2016

In the 1920s, Bill Boeing came to Cleveland to attend a dinner hosted by aviation pioneer Glenn Martin. Martin introduced Art Parker, the founder of an appliance company, to Boeing at that dinner. It was the beginning of a partnership between the two men's companies that would continue to the present day.

Boeing believed that if Parker's products were good enough for Charles Lindbergh, who famously flew across the Atlantic with the company's fuel fittings, they were good enough for him. For the next (nearly) 100 years, these products flew on nearly every Boeing aircraft, including the Model 247, the first modern airliner; the Model 314 Clippers made for Pan American in the late 1930s; the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-29 Superfortress that helped win World War II; the B-52 jet bomber that helped keep the peace during the Cold War; the 707 and subsequent 7-series jets that brought the world closer together; and the Apollo space missions.

To this day, the company Parker founded is proud to support Boeing programs with flight control, hydraulic, fuel and inerting, fluid conveyance, lubrication, and pneumatic systems and components.