Making Dreams Come True

By Tien Mullen

June 2016

I am very proud of this company and the products that Boeing offers to our airline customers and the people all over the world. There is no word to describe how fortunate I am to be a part of the "Boeing family" considering my upbringing -- growing up in Vietnam and dreaming of a better life in America.

In the hardest times of my childhood, seeing an airplane flying thousands and thousands of feet up in the sky made me happy. The little girl that wondered "what it would be like up there" got her wish to fly on an airplane. She not only came to America on a Boeing 747, but also got to be a part of the iconic "747" program family when she was hired as a 747-8 Business and Planning Analyst.

I even got married to a generous, sweet and kind Boeing employee and completed four master certificates via the Boeing Learning Together Program (LTP). Without the LTP, I wouldn't be able to broaden my knowledge, satisfy my "never ending" curiosity, and become a better contributor to this company and this country.

So, as I think of all the girls (and boys) in Third World countries who might be looking up at the sky and have the same wish as I did, I feel more inspired to be part of this "Boeing family" to make more dreams come true for many ... many more years to come.