Onward and Upward!

By Geoffrey Snow

June 2016

I have only been a Boeing employee for two years, but I have been an aviation and Boeing fanatic since birth. I grew up around airplanes, flying with my father and grandfather, plane-spotting at airports, and going to air shows on the West Coast. Some of my fondest memories are about flying and the stories that my grandfather used to tell of his days as a Pan Am 747 captain. As I got older, I went on to get a pilot's license of my own, and as I began looking for a job in college, Boeing seemed like a natural fit.

Boeing is a company that inspires awe and admiration for our storied past and our continued drive to push boundaries. Boeing has had influence in virtually every corner of aerospace and aviation including shaping commercial air travel, developing warplanes and transports, sending men to space, and providing worldwide communications networks. What we do is amazing, and the progress that Boeing has helped shape over the past 100 years is incredible. I am proud to be a part of Boeing's continued technological evolution and shaping of our lives.

I can only imagine where the great minds of Boeing might lead humankind over the next century. Transcontinental or transoceanic travel in half the time? Instantaneous worldwide, space-based communication networks? Commercially viable space research and tourism? Interplanetary mining? Colony on Mars?

It is all possible with dedication, creativity and passion. Onward and upward, Boeing!

Geoffrey Snow, shown flying with friends.

Josel Real