The Long and Short of It

By John Hoef

June 2016

In the fall of 1997, the X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility Research Aircraft was finishing its flight demonstration program at Edwards Air Force Base in California. During our test program, the Boeing 777-300 also came to the base to conduct flight tests, so our Boeing heritage St. Louis team had a chance to meet some of our Boeing Seattle teammates.

Our X-36 team manager, Gary, arranged to have our small (18 feet long, 1,245 pounds, 28 percent dynamically scaled) vehicle transported next to the 777-300, and the size comparison was amazing. Our Boeing Seattle teammates hosted us to a great tour of the 777, and we all had a good time getting to see two of Boeing's largest and smallest products.

777-300 and X-36 teammates size up one another's aircraft.